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Total Equine® was developed from science and experience. The nutrient levels are based on what has been learned by scientific research. The physical form of extrusion and the specific ingredients are what horses, mules and donkeys need to maximize health, attitude and performance. The base of is alfalfa hay, which gives it the odor and flavor equines love. The palatability is excellent. The fiber level supplies 70-80% of the equines needs for a safe ration. When fed at 4.00 lb. per 1,000 lb. bodyweight, Total Equine® provides the nutrients required by mature equines when fed with adequate quality roughage.


Fiber - Alfalfa hay is the main source of fiber in Total Equine®. It is formulated to provide the minimum fiber required by a horse in order to maintain normal gut motility and health. It also contains a small amount of low digestibility roughage to slow fermentation and prevent gas colic. Due to the combination of nutrients and the extrusion process the added low quality roughage and the other roughage fed is more digestible. Many customers have reported 25 – 30% reductions in hay consumption when feeding Total Equine®.

Protein - The protein in Total Equine® is derived from alfalfa, grain and natural oil meal. It also contains the added amino acids methionine and lysine, which insures an adequate balance of the essential amino acids required by the horse.

Energy - Extruded grain is the major source of energy in Total Equine® The starch availability of the grain is over 90%, which insures the highest possible digestibility. This along with the highly digestible fiber in the alfalfa hay makes the entire ration highly digestible. This reduces the amount of waste produced by the horse.

Major Minerals - Minerals are the main building blocks for bones as well as being important for all chemical reactions in the body. Total Equine® contains the major minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium and sodium in the correct levels and ratios for maximum growth, activity and health.

Trace Minerals - Trace minerals are the catalysts for most chemical reactions in the body and some are important for antioxidant activities. Total Equine® contains levels and ratios of all trace minerals with known requirements and is added at levels above those levels. This insures the horse will not be deficient in any trace mineral even under severe stress or hard work. Bioavailability of trace minerals is very important in how well an animal can digest and use the minerals in question. Total Equine® is formulated to contain 50% of the Copper, Manganese and Zinc in the form of chelates. This insures maximum digestibility and availability to the horse.

Vitamins - All chemical reactions in the body that produce growth, reproduction, work and even maintenance require a catalyst or several catalysts. This is the main function of B-Vitamins. Total Equine® contains all of the B-Vitamins for which requirements have been established, and they are all formulated at levels to insure higher than minimum requirement levels. B-Vitamins also function as antioxidants to reduce the rate of cell destruction by pollutants in the environment as well as metabolic byproducts from the ration.

Processing - Total Equine® is steam extruded. This process insures maximum digestibility compared to raw, unprocessed or steam pelleted starch. The extruded starch is digested in the small intestine whereas most of raw or pelleted starch is digested in the ceacum and/or large intestine by fermentation. This reduces the possibility of compaction or gas colic, which can be caused by feeding raw or poorly processed starch. Improving the digestibility not only improves starch digestion, but also improves digestion of the fiber and improves bioavailability of minerals and micronutrients.

Specialty Combinations - Total Equine® is formulated with a specific combination of Methionine, Lysine, Biotin, Copper, Zinc and Iodine to provide maximum hair and hoof growth and horse health. Total Equine® contains Tasco ® which is a specific species of seaweed by the name of Ascophyllum nodosum. A. nodosum contains high levels of Fucoidan and Fucose sugar. Fucoidan is a sulfated, short-chain polysaccharide that is known to stop growth of E. coli in the large intestine. It also controls other pathogenic bacteria that inhabit the large intestine. Fucoidan is composed of Fucose sugar that makes the polysaccharide chain. Fucose is a part of normal nerve transmission in the body. This sugar along with specific levels of Choline, magnesium and some other minerals keep the nervous system from overreacting to stressful situations. Much information can be found on the internet that pertains to the effects of Fucoidan and Fucose

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