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ADM Seasonal Beef Range Minerals

For Grazing Beef Cattle

Product Positioning

ADM Seasonal Beef Range Mineral products are economical, highly palatable, free-choice supplements that provide basic mineral and vitamin fortification for grazing cattle and are available in four formulations to match grazing conditions.

Fortified with base and trace minerals - Provides needed amounts and proper balance to achieve optimum mineral availability, which means the minerals can be more effectively utilized by rumen microbes and for body functions, such as immune function, bone growth and maintenance, muscle development, metabolism, and digestion.

Vitamins A, D, and E - Ensures vitamins A, D, and E needs are met for proper function of metabolic, reproductive, and immune systems; vitamin content of forages may be deficient during winter or periods of drought

Weather-resistant - Helps protect against losses due to wind, rain, and snow.

Available with medications - Gives producer more options to protect health or enhance productivity

Recommended consumption: • 4 oz/head/day (refer to feeding directions)