Slap Shot

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Clear flexible tubing with luer-lock ends which accept any standard needles or syringes  (not included)

Made in the USA of the finest medical grade F.D.A. approved materials

The tubing remains flexible at sub-zero and 100 degree + temperatures

Designed by a livestock producer for those who vaccinate livestock routinely and do not have the benefit of elaborate containment.

Slap-Shot reduces injuries to the handler and eliminates needle breakage in animals.

Slap-Shot's flexible tubing allows you to vaccinate an animal when they flinch or move or flinch upon injection.

No need to hold the needle end of Slap-Shot into the animal.

Tubing holds 2 1/2 cc.  Sterilize with alcohol or boiling water, rinse and use over and over again.  

Full 1 Year replacement from date of purchase.