SAE 90 GL-1 Mineral Gear Oil 1gal

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Automotive and industrial gears need adequate protection from wear and corrosion to help prevent costly downtimes due to repairs. Using highly refined base stocks combined with foam inhibitor additives, Xtreme™ GL-1 SAE Gear Oils are ideal for use in automotive and industrial gearboxes and manual transmissions where API GL-1 mineral, non-EP gear oils are recommended.

Xtreme GL-1 SAE Gear Oils create a thick hydro-dynamic film between gears and also provide:

  • Excellent film strength at high operating temperatures
  • Excellent heat transfer properties to keep gearsets cool
  • Outstanding resistance to foaming
  • Prevention of copper and brass corrosion

Xtreme GL-1 SAE Gear Oils are not recommended for use in automotive or heavy duty differentials using offset spiral bevel (hypoid) gear sets. Use API GL-4 or API GL-5 gear oils for those applications as specified by the manufacturer.