Quickbayt Fly Bait

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  • The most effective fly control you can buy
  • QuickBayt fly bait kills houseflies in as fast as 60 seconds
  • No fly resistance problems
  • Bitter agent helps prevent ingestion by children and pets
  • Can be used as a scatter bait or in any bait station
  • QuickBayt fly bait sets a new standard for the control of houseflies around agricultural production and commercial facilities.
  • QuickBayt fly bait is the first fly control product to include two powerful fly attractants and a bitter agent to help prevent accidental ingestion by children and pets.
  • Begins killing flies in 60 seconds and remains effective up to four weeks.
  • QuickBayt fly bait works up to twice as fast as competitive products and eliminates resistance problems associated with other fly baits.
  • 350-gram bottle of granules.
  • USA made.
  • NOTE: This product will kill any insect, including bees.
  • Do not use inside food processing plants, restaurants or in areas accessible to food producing animals.

Compendium of Veterinary Products - QuickBayt® Fly Bait (BAYER HEALTHCARE LLC) (cvpservice.com)