PVM Cattle Cooked Protein Tub 28% 225lbs

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Designed with an exclusive formulation to enhance forage utilization, PVM™ Cattle Supplement Tubs can be fed to all stages of cattle on pasture and in the feedlot. It contains 28% protein and can be fed to all stages of beef cattle. It is designed to enhance forage utilization. Additionally, it has Postive Feed’s patented ingredient formula and cooking process limits intake!

PVM™ Cattle Supplement Tub is a highly fortified 28% (free-choice) protein molasses supplement with an exclusive formulation designed to enhance forage utilization. PVM™ Cattle Supplement Tub is blended with a combination of five different protein sources, essential fatty acids, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids and much more. Due to the patented ingredient formula and cooking process, the PVM™ Cattle Supplement Tub formula has a built-in delivery system (absorbs moisture) which limits intake to levels that supplement forage rather than replace it.

PVM™ Cattle Supplement Tub provides:

  • A combination of 5 proteins.
  • Only 25% of total protein is from NPN.
  • Essential minerals and trace elements.
  • Extra Vitamin A, D & E.
  • Yeast Culture
  • Advanced technology: Incorporates the latest patented ingredient formula.
  • Guaranteed quality: Contains the most bio-available forms of ingredients.
  • Optimizes fiber digestion: Especially to enhance fiber utilization.
  • Delivery (free choice): Delivers nutrients many times per day which increases efficiency.

For all stages of cattle on pasture and in the feedlot.


Feeding & Management Instructions

Provide one tub for each 6 to 8 head of cattle. Place the tub for easy consumption. Average range conditions require approximately 1/2 to 1 pound per animal daily. Your salt program should be continued. Weather does not adversely affect the PVM tub. Adequate forage must be available at all times. Winter consumption will be slightly higher.


Crude Protein not less than 28.0% (This includes not more than 7.0% equivalent protein from non-protein Nitrogen)
Crude Fat minimum 5.0%
Crude Fiber maximum 4.0%
Calcium (Ca) minimum 2.0%
Calcium (Ca) maximum 3.0%
Phosphorus (P) minimum 1.0%
Potassium (K) minimum 2.50%
Magnesium (Mg) minimum .40%
Iodine (I) minimum .006%
Ash maximum 14.0%
Copper (Cu) minimum 300 ppm.
Vitamin A minimum 100,000 iu per lb.
Vitamin D3 minimum 10,000 iu per lb.
Vitamin E minimum 50 iu per lb.
Total Sugars (as invert) minimum 30.00%

Cane molasses, hydrolyzed vegetable fat, lecithin, cottonseed meal, urea, Pphosphate- mono calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, magnesium oxide, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate, sodium selenite, sulphur, ethylene diamine dihydriodide (source of iodine), dried lactobacilluslus acidophilus fermentation product, yeast culture (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae).



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