MasterGain Cool-Aid Mineral

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“We saw cattle grazing longer in the mornings and coming out to graze earlier in the afternoon. We noticed a visual difference in the number of flies and ticks on the cattle. Consumption was spot on at 4 ounces per cow per day.”* Ernie and Tammy Wallace

Cool-Aid has added Garlium for insect control & RumeNext to keep your cattle cool & grazing in hot temperatures or on hot grasses. 

Additional Features/Benefits of MasterGain Cool-Aid™ product:

RumeNext®-Beef - Specially selected plant extracts provide a research-proven technological solution to optimize rumen function and to help cattle effectively cope with the effects of heat stress.

Garlic - Influences rumen dynamics

Unique source of cobalt - The unique, highly soluble, patented* form of cobalt facilitates more efficient utilization of roughages (better fiber digestibility means more energy available for production purposes), which may positively affect cow body condition and growth rate. Production of vitamin B12 is also enhanced as cobalt is needed for synthesis of B12, which is a component of some critical enzymes.

Hydroxy form of copper

• Higher mineral potency (independent research validates higher absorption) • Non-hygroscopic (does not attract water)

• Better handling characteristics and stable in feed

• Reduces degradation of vitamin E and other biologically active compounds

• Bypasses the rumen for more absorption in the small intestine where it is needed most