Howes Diesel Treat/Anti Gel

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Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel

Safe, effective, and loaded with the latest and greatest, performance-enhancing technology, Diesel Treat is also the best solution to fight gelling in colder climates. Designed to solve the problems created by today's ULSD fuel, Howes Diesel Treat is the leading treatment solution for diesel engines. From truckers to farmers, pick-ups to diesel automobiles, Howes Diesel Treat corrects the inherent problems that exist in the current ULSD fuel.



Prevents Fuel From Gelling

Howes Diesel Treat is the nation’s most trusted anti-gel. Tested and proven to prevent gelling in even the coldest weather, diesel owners choose the Howes family’s time tested and proven formula to keep them going.


Adds Lubricity

Howes Diesel Treat provides increased lubricity to injectors, pumps and upper cylinders, adding to engine performance and life with today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels.


Removes Water

Many products emulsify or disperse water and frequently use alcohols or solvents that can do damage to your engine. Howes Diesel Treat is a premium petroleum based product that demulsifies water, safely removing it from diesel fuel. It contains no alcohol or other harmful solvents, making it warranty safe for all diesel emission systems.

Other Features Include
  • Prevents diesel fuel from gelling
  • Safely removes water from diesel fuel
  • Contains no alcohol or harmful solvents
  • Increases power and fuel economy
  • Cleans and lubricates fuel injectors
  • Eliminates smoking and rough idle
  • Safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel fuels
  • Particulate filter friendly and warranty safe

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