Gly Star Plus (Generic Round Up) 2.5gal

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Gly Star® Plus is an isopropylamine glyphosate formulation that mixes easily in water and can be applied as a foliar spray for the control of a wide range of grasses and broadleaf weeds in a variety of crop and non-crop applications. Gly Star® Plus is a systemic herbicide that moves through the plant from the point of contact to the root system with visual effects on most annual weeds occurring within 2 to 4 days and 7 days or more for perennial weed species.

PRODUCT FEATURES • Gly Star® Plus provides superior control of tough annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds. • Gly Star® Plus is formulated with a superior surfactant system that promotes rapid burndown of many grasses and broadleaf weeds. • Gly Star® Plus is an excellent burndown choice in reduced tillage and fallow systems as well as Roundup Ready®cropping systems. APPLICATION RESTRICTIONS • Unless otherwise specifi ed on the product label, treatments with selective equipment including wipers and hooded sprayers must be made at least 14 days prior to harvest. • In crops where spot treatments are allowed, do not treat more than 10 percent of the total fi eld to be harvested. The crop receiving spray in the treated area will be killed. Take care to avoid drift or spray outside the target area for the same reason. • When making pre-emergence and at-planting applications to non-glyphosate resistant crops, applications must be made before crop emergence to avoid severe injury. Broadcast applications made at emergence will result in injury or death of emerged seedlings. • Post-harvest or fallow applications must be made at least 30 days prior to planting any non-labeled crop. • For broadcast post-emergence treatments, do not harvest or feed treated vegetation for 8 weeks following application, unless otherwise specified on the product label.

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