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Effective weed control for cropland and non-crop areas Broad-Spectrum Broadleaf Weed Control Brash® herbicide provides dependable postemergent control of actively growing broadleaf weeds. With a combination of dicamba and 2,4-D amine active ingredients, Brash® herbicide effectively controls emerged broadleaf weeds prior to and after planting in crop and non-crop areas. Brash® herbicide is labeled for use in the following applications:

• Between crop production (fallow systems, postharvest, crop stubble, set-aside) • CRP land

• General farmstead (including non-crop weed and brush control) • Grass (including hay and silage)

• Pasture

• Rangeland

• Rights of way (roadways, utilities, railroads, highways, pipelines)

• Sorghum

• Sugarcane

• Wheat

Weeds Controlled Brash® herbicide provides control on more than 100 of the toughest broadleaf weeds and brush, including many trees, vines, annuals, and biennial and perennial broadleaf species. See the product label for a complete list of covered weeds. Ingredients Dimethylamine salt of dicamba 12.4% Dimethylamine salt of 35.7% 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid Inert ingredients 51.9% TOTAL 100% Brash® herbicide contains 1 pound dicamba acid and 2.87 pounds 2,4-D amine acid per gallon.

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