Bar & Chain Oil All Season 5qt

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Proper lubrication is key to ensuring chainsaw chains do not seize, come off the bar, or have rapid wear of the bar. Xtreme™ Bar and Chain Lubricants are engineered from highly refined, hydro-treated base oils and combined with polymer wetting and tackiness additives to help the lubricants adhere to the chainsaw keeping equipment running properly.

Xtreme Bar and Chain Lubricants contains no used or re-refined oils which may contain dirt or other wear-causing contaminants. Xtreme Bar and Chain Lubricants include an OEM-approved additive used by chainsaw manufactures, and provide:

  • A high tack content that stays on chain under severe cutting
  • A lubricating film to maximize chain and bar life
  • Resistance to sling off at highest speeds
  • Penetration and coating of metal surfaces to prevent rust

Martin Xtreme Xtreme™ Bar and Chain Lubricants (