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AMPT . . . it’s Advanced Mineral Performance Technology
Mineral nutrition impacts beef cattle’s growth, reproduction and health . . . and it’s more than just salt. Advanced research and new technologies have led to the development of greatly improved mineral sources. Never before has a mineral company combined these technologies into one package. Until now. AMPT beef minerals are targeted mineral supplements that provide only the minerals and vitamins in the optimum amounts and ratios that benefit cattle. AMPT’s distinctive mineral sources were selected based on achieving precision, balance and the ability to deliver the best mineral nutrition in a 4 oz per head per day consumption rate.
AMPT™ Minerals precisely target optimum nutrient levels, complementing the diet, to deliver the best performance—nothing more, nothing less.
AMPT is formulated to be the best mineral nutrition. Why?
  • AMPT doesn’t duplicate what’s already supplied in forage
  • AMPT only supplies what cattle need
  • AMPT includes highly bioavailable mineral sources
    • Those mineral sources don’t interact with other biological substances
  • AMPT provides critical minerals that bypass the rumen
  • AMPT supplies the needed minerals in the right amounts and ratios
  • AMPT supplies vitamins to ensure needs are met for proper function of metabolic, reproductive and immune systems
AMPT delivers a positive charge to beef mineral nutrition.
  • Rumen bypass copper, zinc and manganese
  • Rumen soluble cobalt
  • Highly palatable magnesium
  • No added potassium

AMPT incorporates WeatherMaster®, a patent-pending process designed to eliminate mineral losses due to moisture and enhance mineral uniformity, yielding a product that withstands rain and wind while ensuring cattle get what they need when they need it, rain or shine, in every bite.