Alfalfa Cubes

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Top Of The Rockies Horse Cubes can be used effectively as the sole source of roughage for all classes of animals.  Horses that are fed alfalfa cubes tend to eat all the cubes provided, whereas horses fed long-stem alfalfa hay will sort through the hay and not eat the hay offered.  Research in Colorado reported that mature horses fed alfalfa cubes maintained their body weight better than horses fed equal amounts of long-stem hay.


Normally horses will eat between 1.5 to 2.5% of their body weight per day (this includes forage and grain).  Heavily lactating mares, intensively worked mature horses and younger weaned horses (4 to 18 months of age) can consume up to 3% of their body weight per day.  The amount may vary depending on the animal's needs and activity


Grains and/or supplements may be fed if necessary for a desired body condition but you will always want to provide plenty of clean fresh water.  The cubes may also be soaked for those animals that have dental issues or respiratory problems.

Certified weed free cubes are available upon request.
Please consult your veterinarian or nutritionist to develop a complete nutritional and health care program for your animal.