ADM 20% All Stock Tub 200lbs

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ADM Tub Products

Free-Choice Supplements for Beef Cattle on Pasture or Range

Product Positioning

ADM Tub products are economical, basic protein-mineral-vitamin supplements in tub form (a few products are also available in block form) designed for free-choice feeding to complement the diets of range cattle — brood cows, herd replacement breeding stock, and stockers. These products provide the nutrient base needed to support herd production.

Designed for feeding to beef cattle  - Ensures cattle obtain needed base of protein, minerals, and vitamins to support on pasture or range production and health; balanced to satisfy nutrient deficiencies cattle are susceptible to under normal grazing conditions

Varying protein and energy options - Enables producer to more closely match supplement with cow nutrient needs based on grazing conditions.

Options - All-Stock, Hi-Mag® and AN protein (no NPN) products are also available.

Fortified with essential macro and trace minerals in needed amounts and ratios - Helps ensure proper balance of critical minerals to achieve optimum mineral availability, which means minerals can be more effectively utilized for body functions and processes. Conducive to fiber digestion which helps enable cattle to achieve better growth rates, maintenance of body condition, greater milk production, and better reproductive status.

Vitamins A, D, and E - Ensures vitamins A, D, and E needs are met for proper function of metabolic, reproductive, and immune systems; vitamin content of forages may be deficient during winter or periods of drought

Free-choice feeding - Formulated to be fed free-choice, an easy and convenient method of supplementing grazing beef cattle.

Tubs and blocks - Helps ensure consistent intake of nutrients; tub forms a feeder and size of tub reduces frequency and labor needed to provide supplemental nutrients.